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- Authors: James Howe, Tobias Oder, Markus Krausz, Tim Güneysu
PQC Type: Lattice-Based
Crypto Type: KEM
Crypto Target: Frodo
Device: Artix-7 FPGA
Date: 17 July 2018
Reference: eprint/2018/686
Conference: CHES 2018
- Authors: Wen Wang, Jakub Szefer, Ruben Niederhagen
PQC Type: Code-Based
Crypto Type: KEM
Crypto Target: Classic McEliece
Device: Stratix V FPGA
Date: 18 May 2018
Reference: eprint/2017/1180
Conference: PQCrypto 2018
- Authors: Debapriya Basu Roy, Debdeep Mukhopadhyay
PQC Type: Isogeny Based
Crypto Type: KEM
Crypto Target: SIKE
Device: Virtex-7
Date: 6 June 2019
Reference: eprint/2019/568
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