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🎨 [WIP] User Interface Components available in HTML, CSS, React, and Vue
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pqt v3.10.0 (#39)
* extend summary text type on Dropdown and Modal (#36)

* extend summary text type on Dropdown and Modal

closes #34

* update logo, product, links and user props to be optional in BrandHeader

* Add Spinner component for indeterminate loading (#35)

* add spinner react component

* add spinner support to Btn component

* chore(release): publish

* improved spinner support in Btn component

* chore(release): publish

* fix nesting issue with Spinner component in Btn

* chore(release): publish

* handle new modal dialog styles (#40)

* chore(release): publish

* tweak modal styles and prop API

* chore(release): publish

* move onClick event to Modal Container

* chore(release): publish

* remove onClick event for modal background

* chore(release): publish
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LICENSE 3.8.0 (#25) Mar 27, 2019
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package.json Convert UI to light mode, revisit Dark mode later (#11) Mar 22, 2019
tsconfig.json 3.7.0 (#21) Mar 24, 2019

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