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package stripe
import (
// Customer encapsulates details about a Customer registered in Stripe.
// see
type Customer struct {
ID string `json:"id"`
Desc string `json:"description,omitempty"`
Email string `json:"email,omitempty"`
Created int64 `json:"created"`
Balance int64 `json:"account_balance"`
Delinquent bool `json:"delinquent"`
Cards CardData `json:"cards,omitempty"`
Discount *Discount `json:"discount,omitempty"`
Subscription *Subscription `json:"subscription,omitempty"`
Livemode bool `json:"livemode"`
DefaultCard string `json:"default_card"`
// CardData struct
type CardData struct {
Object string `json:"object"`
Count int `json:"count"`
URL string `json:"url"`
Data []*Card `json:"data"`
// Credit Card Types accepted by the Stripe API.
const (
AmericanExpress = "American Express"
DinersClub = "Diners Club"
Discover = "Discover"
MasterCard = "MasterCard"
Visa = "Visa"
UnknownCard = "Unknown"
// Card represents details about a Credit Card entered into Stripe.
type Card struct {
ID string `json:"id"`
Name string `json:"name,omitempty"`
Type string `json:"type"`
ExpMonth int `json:"exp_month"`
ExpYear int `json:"exp_year"`
Last4 string `json:"last4"`
Fingerprint string `json:"fingerprint"`
Country string `json:"country,omitempty"`
AddrUess1 string `json:"address_line1,omitempty"`
Address2 string `json:"address_line2,omitempty"`
AddressCountry string `json:"address_country,omitempty"`
AddressState string `json:"address_state,omitempty"`
AddressZip string `json:"address_zip,omitempty"`
AddressCity string `json:"address_city"`
AddressLine1Check string `json:"address_line1_check,omitempty"`
AddressZipCheck string `json:"address_zip_check,omitempty"`
CVCCheck string `json:"cvc_check,omitempty"`
// Discount represents the actual application of a coupon to a particular
// customer.
// see
type Discount struct {
ID string `json:"id"`
Customer string `json:"customer"`
Start int64 `json:"start"`
End int64 `json:"end"`
Coupon *Coupon `json:"coupon"`
// Coupon represents percent-off discount you might want to apply to a customer.
// see
type Coupon struct {
ID string `json:"id"`
Duration string `json:"duration"`
PercentOff int `json:"percent_off"`
DurationInMonths int `json:"duration_in_months,omitempty"`
MaxRedemptions int `json:"max_redemptions,omitempty"`
RedeemBy int64 `json:"redeem_by,omitempty"`
TimesRedeemed int `json:"times_redeemed,omitempty"`
Livemode bool `json:"livemode"`
// Subscription Statuses
const (
SubscriptionTrialing = "trialing"
SubscriptionActive = "active"
SubscriptionPastDue = "past_due"
SubscriptionCanceled = "canceled"
SubscriptionUnpaid = "unpaid"
// Subscription represents a recurring charge a customer's card.
// see
type Subscription struct {
Customer string `json:"customer"`
Status string `json:"status"`
Plan *Plan `json:"plan"`
Start int64 `json:"start"`
EndedAt int64 `json:"ended_at"`
CurrentPeriodStart int64 `json:"current_period_start"`
CurrentPeriodEnd int64 `json:"current_period_end"`
TrialStart int64 `json:"trial_start"`
TrialEnd int64 `json:"trial_end"`
CanceledAt int64 `json:"canceled_at"`
CancelAtPeriodEnd bool `json:"cancel_at_period_end"`
Quantity int64 `json:"quantity"`
// Plan holds details about pricing information for different products and
// feature levels on your site. For example, you might have a $10/month plan
// for basic features and a different $20/month plan for premium features.
// see
type Plan struct {
ID string `json:"id"`
Name string `json:"name"`
Amount int64 `json:"amount"`
Interval string `json:"interval"`
IntervalCount int `json:"interval_count"`
Currency string `json:"currency"`
TrialPeriodDays int `json:"trial_period_days"`
Livemode bool `json:"livemode"`
// NewCustomer creates a customer
func NewCustomer() *Customer {
return &Customer{
ID: "hooN5ne7ug",
Desc: "A very nice customer.",
Email: "",
Created: time.Now().UnixNano(),
Balance: 10,
Delinquent: false,
Cards: CardData{
Object: "A92F4CFE-8B6B-4176-873E-887AC0D120EB",
Count: 1,
URL: "",
Data: []*Card{
Name: "John Smith",
ID: "7526EC97-A0B6-47B2-AAE5-17443626A116",
Fingerprint: "4242424242424242",
ExpYear: time.Now().Year() + 1,
ExpMonth: 1,
Discount: &Discount{
ID: "Ee9ieZ8zie",
Customer: "hooN5ne7ug",
Start: time.Now().UnixNano(),
End: time.Now().UnixNano(),
Coupon: &Coupon{
ID: "ieQuo5Aiph",
Duration: "2m",
PercentOff: 10,
DurationInMonths: 2,
MaxRedemptions: 1,
RedeemBy: time.Now().UnixNano(),
TimesRedeemed: 1,
Livemode: true,
Subscription: &Subscription{
Customer: "hooN5ne7ug",
Status: SubscriptionActive,
Plan: &Plan{
ID: "gaiyeLua5u",
Name: "Great Plan (TM)",
Amount: 10,
Interval: "monthly",
IntervalCount: 3,
Currency: "USD",
TrialPeriodDays: 15,
Livemode: true,
Start: time.Now().UnixNano(),
EndedAt: 0,
CurrentPeriodStart: time.Now().UnixNano(),
CurrentPeriodEnd: time.Now().UnixNano(),
TrialStart: time.Now().UnixNano(),
TrialEnd: time.Now().UnixNano(),
CanceledAt: 0,
CancelAtPeriodEnd: false,
Quantity: 2,
Livemode: true,
DefaultCard: "7526EC97-A0B6-47B2-AAE5-17443626A116",