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Setup local config files

To add the user frank.nord with the password foobar123 and the token id abcdefghijkl you have to do:

htpasswd -csb $your_yubikeyConfigLocation/…/yubikey/ykUserDb abcdefghijkl frank.nord:foobar123
cat ../yubikey/ykUserDb

Now you can edit your Apache Config (tested on Apache2 2.2.22-13+deb7u3 with Debian wheezy >=7.5)

Apache Sample Config
<Location /yubitest>
AuthType Basic
AuthBasicProvider yubikey
AuthName "Please Log In using your YubiKey"
AuthYubiKeyTimeout 30
AuthYubiKeyTmpFile yubikey/ykTmpDb
AuthYubiKeyUserFile yubikey/ykUserDb
AuthYubiKeyRequireSecure On
AuthYubiKeyExternalErrorPage Off

AuthYkValidationProtocol https

Require valid-user

You can also define your fav. choice of your AuthYkValidationProtocol http or https or …

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