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just do it:
- http server
- service registration (semi done, validation side is done)
- Need to spec out API design soonish
- JSON-Schema auto-generated docs helpful?
- services heartbeating/checkup (see if tcp port is alive, modules for this)
- static / ttl
- tcp alive
- custom every X seconds
- thrift alive
- http & body match
- databases (mysql, pgsql)
- nosql (cassandra, redis, mongo)
- http & https
- ajp (?)
- amqp
- on disk services json file (atomic replacement)
- on disk state storage for internal use
- client clients:
- node.js
- python
- Djnago 1.2 example for database routing:
- Cassandra Clusters
- php
- Java (?) (ck/esper needs this)
- dislocate console
- Base on REPLServer
- status, peers, local services, all services, globs, subscribe, disable, etc
- documentation!
- test cases / testing framework
- maybe just assert's for now?
- design peer to peer network protocol
- http (?)
- sha512 HMAC on data
- think about SSL crap / hate CAs / etc
- think about gossip protocol more
- do we need it initially?
- network partitions
- partial tree updates
- how do you update efficiently without transmitting the entire tree. (tree diffs between timestamps?) (there have to be some academic papers about this part)
- Convince Dan
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