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Update example to include module in sync method sig.

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1 parent df34d60 commit 0bfa6dfb8d58218285b78a701080877cbef97721 @gdusbabek gdusbabek committed Nov 8, 2011
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@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ In any other part of your application, you can reconfigure the logging subsystem
making it easy to change log levels for specific modules dynamically.
var logmagic = require('logmagic');
- logmagic.registerSink("mysink", function(level, message) { console.log(message); });
+ logmagic.registerSink("mysink", function(module, level, message) { console.log(message); });
/* Send Info an higher in the root logger to stdout */
logmagic.route("__root__", logmagic.INFO, "stdout")

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