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Welcome to Log Magic.
-This project is usable. It doesn't do everything it should, yet.
+This project is stable. It is used in production by various companies.
The goal is to have a fast and easy to use logging subsystem that can be dynamically
-reconfigured to provide insight into production systems.
+reconfigured to provide insight into production systems. It supports being used from within a normal Node.js, [Electron Application](, or in a Web Browser (via [Browserify](
Logmagic does its magic by generating objects with generated functions that are only modified
when the logging system is reconfigured, thus your entire logging path is contained within
-long-lived functions that V8 is able to JIT.
+long-lived functions that v8/JS engines are able to JIT.
Getting Started
@@ -38,13 +38,6 @@ making it easy to change log levels for specific modules dynamically.
Builtin sinks include:
-* stderr
+* pretty-printed console (colors, easy to read)
* Graylog2-style JSON to stderr
-Future features:
-* Standard Out
-* Facebook Scribe:
-* File
-* Unix Socket
-* Syslog

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