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Exploiting dsa.Verify in Go (CVE-2019-17596)

Please see the associated blog post for details.


Since versions of Go newer than 1.13.1 are patched, I;ve included a Dockerfile, that makes it easier to pin your Go version. Simply run Docker build:

docker build .

There are two files of interest:

  • dsa_test.go: Contains a test case for causing dsa.Verify to panic/
  • ssh_test.go: Contains a test case for making an crypto/ssh.Client to panic via an evil SSH Host Key.

Improvements, bugs, adding feature, etc:

Please open issues in Github for ideas, bugs, and general thoughts. Pull requests are of course preferred :)


poc-dsa-verify-CVE-2019-17596 is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0