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Selene - A SSL/TLS library

Selene has a few goals that makes it different from a more traditional SSL libraries:

  • Completely Asynchronous: Selene does no IO itself, it only provides notifications to the user that IO should be done.

  • Asynchronous Callbacks: Callback functions provide their own callback to notify Selene when the user has finished an operation.

  • Test Driven: A test framework to test all code paths.

  • Plugable Backends for Cryptography: Currently only focusing on OpenSSL, but others are possible.

  • Liberal License: Under the Apache License, version 2.0.

Selene is named after the Greek Goddess of the Moon, because I am terrible at naming projects.


A prototype backend (openssl-threaded) was used to validate the basics of the selene_* API. I am currently slowly working on the native Selene TLS backend, which only uses OpenSSL for cryptographic operations, but not the actual protocol parsing.

Hacking Notes:

  • All contributors must sign an Apache Software Foundation CLA, and agree that Selene may be moved to the ASF at a future date.
  • External Functions and types are prefixed with selene_*
  • Internal Functions and types are prefixed with sln_*
  • Style: Google C++ Style Guide, even though this is C. Use clang-format -style=Google on all source code.
  • Write test cases for all code paths, including errors.


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