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Cafe and Cowork. Find places to work. Open and collaborative.

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Cafe and Cowork

Find places to work. Open and collaborative. Pull requests welcome!

Adding or updating cities and places

Want to add or update places?

  1. Fork the repo
  2. Add/edit files under data/<city>/<place>.md
  3. Add images under images/<city>/<place>/
  4. Validate using yarn test or npm test
  5. Resize images using yarn run resize or npm run resize
  6. Submit a pull request


You can use this .md file template for new places:

  - [insert your instagram here]
added: 2021-04-27
name: A Demain Cafe
type: Cafe
area: Nangang
coordinates: 25.055553738210808, 121.59626418096329
  en: No. 55號, Chongyang Road, Nangang District, Taipei City, 115
  zh-tw: 115台北市南港區重陽路55號
station: Kunyang
  mon: 11:30-21
  tue: 11:30-21
  wed: 11:30-21
  thu: 11:30-21
  fri: 11:30-21
  sat: 9-17:30
  sun: 9-17:30
wifi: 3
speed: 10
power: 4
vacancy: 4
comfort: 4
quiet: 3
food: 5
drinks: 5
price: 4
view: 4
toilets: 3
music: true
smoking: false
standing_tables: true
outdoor_seating: false
cash_only: false
animals: false
lactose_free_milk: false
telephone: "+886226515266"
  - seating1.jpg [stored in images/<city>/<place>/]
  - seating2.jpg
  - seating4.jpg
  - seating3.jpg
  - interior.jpg
  - menu1.jpg
  - menu2.jpg
  - menu3.jpg
  - menu4.jpg

Lorem Ipsum you can include a written review/description here. What's good? What's bad? How's the vibe? Any tips/recommendations?


Name Description
name What is the name of this place? Please provide it in English.
type Type of space Cafe, Bar, Restaurant, Library, Lobby, Coworking Space, Public Space, Event Space, Lounge, Booth, Bookstore
area General area/district/region
google_maps Provide a Google maps link to the place you want to submit.
coordinates Coordinates <lat>,<lng> (decimal)
address Address (you can include localized addresses as well, see example above).
hours Opening hours (per day or same for all days, see example above).
station List station names (comma separated)
wifi Is there WiFi? Is the WiFi fast, reliable, and stable? 0-5
speed Run a speed test (mbps)
power How many of the seats have access to power outlets? 0-5
vacancy How easy is it to get a seat? Is it usually empty or always very crowded? 1-5
comfort How comfortable is the environment, temperature, seats, etc. 1-5
quiet How quiet is the space? Is it completely silent or very noisy? 1-5
food Is food served? If so, how's the selection and quality? 0-5
drinks Are drinks served? If so, how's the selection and quality? 0-5
price How are the prices? Is it free or good value for money? 1-5
view How's the ambiance, atmosphere, vibe, view? 1-5
toilets Are toilets available? If so, are they clean, near by, enough of them? 0-5
music Is there music playing in the background? true or false
smoking Are you allowed to smoke in the primary seating area? true or false
standing_tables Are there any tables where you can stand up and work? true or false
outdoor_seating Is there any seating outside? true or false
cash_only Is this place cash only? true or false
animals Are there animals in the cafe or are you allowed to bring pets? true or false
lactose_free_milk Are lactose free milk alternatives available (like oatly)? true or false
facebook Link to facebook page
instagram Link to instagram account
telephone Telephone number
website Link to website
closed Permanently closed? true or false
temporarily_closed Temporarily closed? true or false

Local Dev Environment

  1. Install nodejs
  2. Install deps npm install
  3. Run npm start
  4. Open localhost:3000


Cafe and Cowork. Find places to work. Open and collaborative.