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Apktool 4.4.1
mytool version4.4 Apktool5.0 changelog


Apktool on android. NOTICE:master branch is not the newest code!

20140902: You can download apktool4.5 from

20140906: You can download apktool4.6 from

20141226: apktool 5.0 has been released!You can download from apktool for armv7 Apktool5.0.1_armv7.apk apktool for armv6 Apktool5.0.1_armv6.apk apktool for x86 Apktool5.0.1_x86.apk source code of java part Apktool5.0.1_src.tar.gz

国语: Apktool手机版5.0正式发布!,国内朋友可到百度网盘下载使用!

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