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This is an exciting release. Not only is it the first release to be published on GitHub, it marks substantial advancements compared to the previous release made on Savannah, version 1.7. As such, the major version number has been incremented for the first time; this is Project: Starfighter 2.0.

This release has a lot of major changes, so let's go through them one by one.

  • Full conversion from C++ to C. This has been a long time coming, and now it's finally completed.
  • Full support for Unicode and gettext translations. I was inspired to add this because for a while now there's been a Japanese version of the game floating around that converts everything in its own specialized way which, so far as I can tell, must have been quite involved. Now, anyone familiar with gettext can use it to fully translate the game into almost any language (right-to-left support still hasn't been implemented; contributions on that front would be welcome).
  • Nearly perfected emulation of the original game experience. I went to a lot of effort, looking back at the version 1.2 release to make comparisons as well as perusing the release notes, to weed out every single difference from version 1.1 that I could. I even rediscovered quirks in the original design I had forgotten about, like the ship collision behavior. The experience is still not exactly 1:1 identical, but it's about as close as it possibly can be.
  • Implemented full window resizing support. Now, not only can you define the default screen size with compile flags, you can also resize the window at will during the game. Aspect ratio is automatically adjusted so that you always get use of the full window size without needing to distort the image.

And those are just the major changes! Several more minor changes have also occurred, far too many to list, like further improvements to code quality, bugfixes, and tweaks to dialog. Needless to say, this is a major milestone, and I think you will not be dissapointed.

UPDATE (July 7, 2019): It turns out that a couple issues went under my radar which resulted in the build system not working for installation (make install). This has now been corrected. I apologize for the inconvenience. Binaries have not been changed as the bug did not affect run-in-place builds.

UPDATE (July 20, 2019): Another source-only update, there was a problem with the "make dist" command that led to the source code downloads not including the icon or launcher. Source code downloads have been updated to correct this. Binary versions have once again not been changed as this problem was caused by a previous source-only fix that was made after the binary releases, and thus the binary releases are once again not affected.

UPDATE (July 23, 2019): I'm really sorry about this, but this is yet another fix to the distribution of source code files. This time, gettext (translation) files weren't being installed properly. Source code files have been updated to correct this problem. Once again, it does not affect the binary distribution, so those files are unchanged.

Assets 7
Jul 7, 2019
Fixed make install
Jul 4, 2019
Updated readme, added helper launcher script. 2.0 release.
Jul 4, 2019


Updated readme, added helper launcher script. 2.0 release.
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