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A mobile substrate tweak that adds features to whatsapp.
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BetterW is a Mobile Substrate Tweak made with Theos (see that provides a few utilities to whatsapp, improving the user experience.

Currently Available Features

Currently, BetterW provides 10 options of additional features to use:
1 - No Read Receipt, that prevents others from seeing when you read a message, but still allowing you to see when others read yours.
2 - Who Is Online, that allows you to see who is online, drawing a green or red circle around their profile picture.
2.1 - As Dot, replaces the Who Is Online indicator with a dot. Who Is Online needs to be enabled.
3 - Confirm Call, that asks you to confirm your desire to call another user, preventing accidental voice / video calls. Also allow for phone calls.
4 - Don't Delete, will make so that when someone deletes a message, it does not delete in your device, adding a alert at the top of the message, alerting that the message was saved from oblivion. There is a know issue where sometimes another message can overlap the deleted one, until the app is restarted.
5 - No Delete Limit, removing the time limit to delete a message.
6 - Never Online (BETA), disabling your online status. Issue: Currently, it also disables your abillity to see who is online. Ussing it disables Who Is Online.
7 - No Typing, not showing when you are typing but still allowing you to see when others are typing.
8 - Status Downloader, allowing you to donwload status - just click the ... button when seeing one.
9 - Dark Mode, a well made dark mode. Has a few bugs.
10 - Global Support, adds whatsapp support to ipad | ipod. Should be enabled in settings.


BetterW's files, unless stated otherwise, are under Apache 2.0, see LICENSE.
This project may contain code from libOpus, libOgg and libOpusfile, using under their licenses.

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