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Memes API Build Status codecov

API for scrapping common meme sites. Written in Python using parsel and Flask. Currently supports:

No sites to be supported, suggest one?



Response: available sites


Then you can access them by accessing fe. /kwejk

//shortened response
  "memes": [
      "title": "Czasy się zmieniają",
      "url": "",
      "view_url": "/kwejk/3387625",
      "author": {
        "name": "Torendil",
        "url": ""
      "comment_count": 18,
      "content": {
        "contentType": "IMAGE",
        "url": ""
      "points": 205,
      "tags": [
          "name": "#obrazek",
          "url": ""
          "name": "#humor",
          "url": ""
          "name": "#mem",
          "url": ""
          "name": "#true",
          "url": ""
  "next_page_url": "/kwejk/page/40878",
  "title": "Ministerstwo memów, zdjęć i innych śmiesznych obrazków -"


  1. Install dependencies with pipenv
  2. Run development server with python
  3. Make your changes
  4. Write and run tests with pytest in project directory
  5. Format your code using black
  6. If you added new packages run pipenv run pipenv_to_requirements -f
  7. Make a pull request and be happy :)

Deploying Memes API

There are couple ways to deploy Memes API. For now supported options are:

  • Docker image (Dockerfile)
  • ZEIT Now (now.json)
  • Google App Engine (app.yaml)