The example app of the HelloWorld Lift module.
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HelloWorldExampleApp is a Lift app that used the HelloWorld Lift Module. HelloWorld is a Lift module (the first in fact) which illustrates how you can package useful code so that it can be easily reused in any Lift project. This app simply imports the HelloWorld module, which adds a Hello World page to its SiteMap.

Using this app

This app uses Scala 2.81 and Lift 2.3-SNAPSHOT. You can run it by checking out this project, building it using sbt, and then running the jetty target. For example you might do something like this:

$ sbt
> update
> jetty

If you get errors with the update task, it may be because I am currently (2011-01-08) having problems with my web server which hosts the HelloWorld jar. Despite such errors, you should still be able to successfully run the app with the jetty task.


This HelloWorldExample App and the HelloWorld module were written by Peter Robinett. The Lift Module conventions were developed by the Lift community, including Richard, George, and David.