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Github .NET SDK

This library is a sdk for accessing github's api using FluentHttp


  • supported HTTP methods - GET, POST, PUT, PATCH , DELETE and HEAD
  • supported GitHub version - v2 and v3
  • supported mode of authentications - HttpBasic and OAuth2


version 3

All github request returns code, headers. Body is returned for all HTTP methods except HEAD.

var gh = new GithubApi(new GithubOAuthAuthenticator("access_token")); 
dynamic result = gh.Get(GithubApiVersion.V3, "/user/followers");
var httpStatusCode = result.code;
var httpResponseHeaders = result.headers;
var rateLimit = httpResponseHeaders["X-RateLimit-Limit"];
var rateLimitRemaining =  httpResponseHeaders["X-RateLimit-Remaining"];
dynamic response = result.body;

The body is a json object (IDicitionary<string,object>) or json array (IList<object>)

Example for PUT: (follow user)

gh.Put(GithubApiVersion.V3, "/user/following/prabirshrestha");

Example for POST: (create key)

var parameters = new Dictionary<string, object>();
parameters["title"] = title;
parameters["key"] = key;

dynamic result = gh.Post(GithubApiVersion.V3, "/user/keys", parameters);

Example for PATCH: (update key)

var parameters = new Dictionary<string, object>();
if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(title))
    parameters["title"] = title;
if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(key))
    parameters["key"] = key;

if (parameters.Count == 0)
    throw new System.ArgumentException("Specify at least title or key");

dynamic result = gh.Patch(GithubApiVersion.V3, string.Concat("/user/keys/", id), parameters);

Example for DELETE: (delete key)

gh.Delete(GithubApiVersion.V3, string.Concat("/user/keys/", id));

version 2 & downloading files

This example shows downloading files using github api version 2.

Like all api requests code, headers and body is returned. Body contains the byte[] which is the file.

dynamic result = gh.Get(
    GithubApiVersion.V2, "/blob/show/defunkt/facebox/d4fc2d5e810d9b4bc1ce67702603080e3086a4ed");

var httpStatusCode = result.code;
var httpResponseHeaders = result.headers;
var file = result.body;

using (var fs = new FileStream("D:\\a.txt", FileMode.Create))
    fs.Write(file, 0, file.Length);

Async sample

gh.GetAsync(GithubApiVersion.V3, "/users/prabirshresth/gists", null, null,
    ar =>
        if (ar.Exception != null)


Apache License v2.0