yet another fungsi terbilang written in Java Micro Edition
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     READ ME

0. What is GuwekatejugeapeMidlet?
	Yet another "fungsi terbilang" (a function that converts a number
	into words (how to say it, in Bahasa Indonesia)) written in (you
	guess) Java Micro Edition (J2ME)

1. How to use
	If your mobile phone is MIDP 2.0 supported, copy the jar file
	(guwekatejugeape.jar) into your phone's file system. Then install
	it as usual. After installation, input the number using your
	keypad, and press 'Convert'. How to read the number will be
	displayed soon. To exit, press 'Exit' (left soft key) and to clear
	the number, press 'Clear' (right soft key). You can erase the last
	number you typed by pressing Cancel soft key on your keypad. There
	is 18 digits limitation, so slow down, because this midlet is not
	that good.

	GuwekatejugeapeMidlet is licensed under GPL v2. Read LICENSE.txt
	for more details.

3. More Information
	Visit OR if you
	you can contact me by email : prabowo.murti "AT" gmail "DOT" com.
	I promise I will reply it soon. Enjoy, and thanks for reading this
	README, because most people just skip it, double click an *.exe
	file, hoping they only click next-next-finish-button.