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Practical Natural Language Processing

A Comprehensive Guide to Building Real-World NLP Systems

Sowmya Vajjala, Bodhisattwa P. Majumder, Anuj Gupta, Harshit Surana

Endorsed by: Zachary Lipton, Sebastian Ruder, Marc Najork, Monojit Choudhury, Vinayak Hegde, Mengting Wan, Siddharth Sharma, & Ed Harris Foreword by: Julian McAuley

Homepage: Published by O'Reilly Media, 2020

Book Structure


Please note that the code repository is still under development and review.

All the notebooks will be crystalized in the coming months. 

The notebooks have been tested on an ubuntu machine running python 3.6. 

Currently, we are using TF1.x. We will migrate to TF2.x in the coming months.  

✨ A newer version compatible with Ubuntu 23 is being added in pnlp-refactor-ubuntu23.

We thank everyone, especially the educators & universities, for their feedback in pointing out the issues & improving the accessibility of the notebooks.

🚩 Details of the repository roadmap could be found here

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