Replace the dodgy old thermostat on your heating/cooling system with an Arduino
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Electronic Thermostat

Copyright 2009 Jonathan Oxer
Copyright 2009 Hugh Blemings

| This project is featured in the book "Practical Arduino" by         |
| Jonathan Oxer and Hugh Blemings (Apress, 2009). More information    |
| about the book and this project is available at:                    |
|                                                                     |
|        |

Many home heating and cooling systems are controlled by a simple
electro-mechanical thermostat with the temperature set via a knob or
slider. Very low-tech! Most simple temperature controllers have an
on/off output that controls the heater or cooling system and all that's
required to control it is to short the connections to turn it on or
disconnect them to turn it off.

As a result it's quite simple to interface an Arduino with most heating
or cooling systems and give you software control over the temperature
setting - you can even use this technique to link your heating or
cooling system to a home automation system or provide an Internet-based
management interface for it.