Exercises to help you discover the Clojure syntax (mediations removed)
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Clojure Koans (for Lighttable and other IDEs)

The Clojure Koans are a fun and easy way to get started with Clojure - no experience assumed or required. The Koans are incomplete lines of code where you have to fill in the missing expression to make the test pass.

The Clojure Koans are organised by different aspects of the Clojure language.

In this version of the Koans, I have removed the mediations so you can simply load the project up into Lighttable and use the Instareple to help you evaluate the code.

Getting Started

Run the latest version of Lighttable.

Clone this project to your computer using a Git client, eg:

git clone https://github.com/practicalli/lighttable-koans.git

Load the cloned project directory into Lighttable

Open one of the source files in the project using the workspace manager of Lighttable, eg src/koans/01_equalities.clj

Start an Instarepl for the project Ctrl-space Make current editor an Istarepl

Lighttable will now resolve all the depenendices for this project and start the interactive Clojure environment, the REPL. Once the blue Lighttable icon stops spinning, you can start filling in the blanks of the code and seeing if you have correctly completed the code.

Contributors to the Original project



These exercises were started by Aaron Bedra of Relevance, Inc. in early 2010, as a learning tool for newcomers to functional programming. Aaron's macro-fu makes these koans extremely simple and fun to use, and to improve upon, and without Relevance's initiative, this project would not exist.

Using the koans metaphor as a tool for learning a programming language started with the Ruby Koans by EdgeCase.


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