Pythonic tool-belt for Swift – a Swift implementation of selected parts of Python standard library.
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Pythonic.swift is a Swift library implementating selected parts of Python's standard library and making them available to your Swift code.

import Pythonic allows you to write Python flavored code such as:

#!/usr/bin/env swift -I .

import Pythonic

if"^foo", "foobar") {

if any(["foo", "bar", "zonk"]) {
    print(chr(ord("a"))) // a

var strings = ["foo", "bar"]
print(":".join(strings)) // foo:bar
if strings {
    print(strings[0]) // foo
if len(strings) == 2 {
    print(strings[1].upper()) // BAR
    print(strings[1].split("a")) // ["b", "r"]

var greeting = "   hello pythonista   "
if greeting.strip().startswith("hello") {
    print(greeting.strip().title()) // Hello Pythonista

var numbers = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
print(sum(numbers)) // 15
print(max(numbers)) // 5

See the the test suite Pythonic-test.swift and the Swift syntax checker for more examples. Questions? Get in touch on Twitter @practicalswift.

Getting started

git clone
cd Pythonic.swift/src/
make test
mkdir my-pythonic-app/
cd my-pythonic-app/
cp ../Pythonic.swiftdoc ../Pythonic.swiftmodule ../libPythonic.dylib .
cat << EOF > my_pythonic_app.swift
#!/usr/bin/env swift -I .

import Pythonic

assert("  hello  ".strip() == "hello")
println("This feels really.. Pythonic!")
chmod +x my_pythonic_app.swift


Code contributions are more than welcome! This is the quick guide to contributing:

  1. Fork the project
  2. Implement function foo from the Python standard library
  3. Add a test case for foo in Pythonic-test.swift
  4. Make sure the test case passes in both Python and Swift by running make test
  5. Submit a pull request
  6. Repeat until we're done :-)