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Tech Fest

Building a foundation in electronics and microcontrollers

Through this collection of guided projects we strive to build a strong component-based foundational knowledge of electronics. With this foundation we hope you will be able to tinker or build as you would with Legos, creating or modifying electronic devices to meet your needs. As scientists meddling with electronics and vice-versa, our focus beyond the foundational knowledge, lies in microcontrollers and sensors. Tools that allow us to measure and ask questions about the world around. 'Fest' represents our goal of creating a community of collaborators which can ask eachother and us questions, and edit this repository to expand and or clarify ideas. We believe that teaching eachother is the best way to learn and move forward.

'Each one, teach one'

Thom Maughan and Gabriel M. Santos E.

Summer 2021 (most recent)

Included in the 2021 folder:
  • List of all materials used
  • Modules made with the items ordered
  • Resources for learning embedded systems engineering basics
Goal (modules 1-4): learn the necessary skills to deploy any Arduino-compatible sensor and troubleshoot any potential problems
Goal (overarching): learn the skills necessary to conceptualize, know what information to seek, design, and build any arduino-based creation

Summer 2020 (first virtual)

Summer 2019 (first)

This project was birthed within the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI). We'd like to thank MBARI as well as the brave Tech Festers, MBARI staff and interns, who chose to attend our first meeting. Your continued curiosity and interest sparked the growth and development of Tech Fest. Special thanks to the EE Tech Lab for their knowledge and electrical components. Lastly, there have been many who've created manuals to encourage the starry eyed tech enthusiast. Thanks to them we have a trove of information on anything electrically related. These are: SparkFun, Adafruit, Arduino....


Building a foundation in electronics and microcontrollers






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