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PI-Fan implementation with


  • Metadata extraction of PI-Fan Excel-Metadata-Set
  • Extraction of technical data and build ab technical data part in chapter 2_3
  • Assigning product, audience and output variants to content
  • Extracting data from Word documents and build up complete PI-Fan DITA documents (concept, task, troubleshooting)
  • Building 18 product variants (set of DITA files)
  • Generating Word target documents for each product and output target
  • Generating PDF target documents for each product and output target
  • Generating Markdown files for each product and output target (view content on GIT directly)

#More Find some other cool stuff with oXygen XML DITA Glass Project.


see license information for PI-FAN and license information for DITA-Glass Project Note webhep output is generated by oXygen Webhelp Process, integrated in oXygen XML Editor. See Terms and Conditions by Syncro Soft.

Stuff by practice innovation is under MIT-License

#Coming soon

  • RDF Metadata set
  • HTML output
  • Machine Translation process#


PIFAN implementation with



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