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🚀 create-react-app-esbuild 🚀

Use esbuild in your create-react-app for faster compilation, development and tests.


  • Replace babel-loader with esbuild during development
  • Replace babel-loader with esbuild for faster build time
  • Replace terser with esbuild for faster build time
  • Replace OptimizeCssAssetsWebpackPlugin with esbuild for faster build time
  • Use esbuild when running jest

Getting started

Follow the guide to setup your project.


Why is it faster?

Internally create-react-app use babel to compile the javascript / typescript files of your application. By using craco-esbuild, you use the esbuild compiler to compile your app instead of babel. esbuild is a super fast javascript / typescript bundler and minifier written in Go.

What is craco and why do I need it?

craco (Create React App Configuration Override) is an easy and comprehensible configuration layer for create-react-app. By using craco you can customise the create-react-app configuration without ejecting.


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