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Prado 4.0.1 is available! This is mostly a bugfix release, and it contains an important fix for active controls when running under the recently released php version 7.2 (see #663 for further details).

The minimum required php version is now 5.4, in order to support some useful features like the short array syntax. Anyway, you may want to stick with a supported php version like 5.6 or preferably at least 7.1.

If you are still using one of the Prototypejs based controls (eg. TAutoComplete, TDraggable) or any other deprecated feature, you may want to have a read at the UPGRADE.md instructions before updating in order to find a replacement.

Last but not least, a big overhaul took place on the code an the documentation blocks to make them more consistent.

We hope you'll enjoy coding with this new version as usual!
Happy coding!

The PRADO Group