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A clean customisable Sphinx documentation theme.

Demo image

Elevator pitch

  • Intentionally minimal --- the most important thing is the content, not the scaffolding around it.
  • Responsive --- adapting perfectly to the available screen space, to work on all sorts of devices.
  • Customisable --- change the color palette, font families, logo and more!
  • Easy to navigate --- with carefully-designed sidebar navigation and inter-page links.
  • Good looking content --- through clear typography and well-stylised elements.
  • Good looking search --- helps readers find what they want quickly.
  • Biased for smaller docsets --- intended for smaller documentation sets, where presenting the entire hierarchy in the sidebar is not overwhelming.


Furo is distributed on PyPI. To use the theme in your Sphinx project:

  1. Install Furo in documentation's build environment.

    pip install furo
  2. Update the html_theme in

    html_theme = "furo"
  3. Your Sphinx documentation's HTML pages will now be generated with this theme! 🎉

For more information, visit Furo's documentation.


Furo is a volunteer maintained open source project, and we welcome contributions of all forms. Please take a look at our Contributing Guide for more information.


Furo is inspired by (and borrows elements from) some excellent technical documentation themes:

We use BrowserStack to test on real devices and browsers. Shoutout to them for supporting OSS projects!

What's with the name?

I plucked this from the scientific name for Domesticated Ferrets: Mustela putorius furo.

A ferret is actually a really good spirit animal for this project: cute, small, steals little things from various places, and hisses at you when you try to make it do things it doesn't like.

I plan on commissioning a logo for this project (or making one myself) consisting of a cute ferret. Please reach out if you're interested!

Used By

I'm being told that mentioning who uses $thing is a good way to promote $thing.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.