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-CrossGraphics Library
+# CrossGraphics Library
CrossGraphics aims to deliver a simple immediate mode interface for drawing graphics
on a variety of platforms running .NET.
Currently the following platforms are supported:
-* MonoTouch using `UIKitGraphics.cs`
-* MonoDroid using `DroidGraphics.cs`
-* Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 using `SilverlightGraphics.cs`
+* MonoTouch using [CoreGraphicsGraphics.cs](
+* MonoDroid using [DroidGraphics.cs](
+* Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, and Windows Metro (WinRT) using [SilverlightGraphics.cs](
+* OpenGL using [OpenGLGraphics.cs](
+* SVG using [SvgGraphics.cs](
-In your cross-platform code
+## Using the library
+CrossGraphics assumes that you have partitioned your project into parts that will be cross-platform
+and parts that are platform-specific.
+### In your cross-platform code
Add a reference to the cross-platform file `Graphics.cs`. This will expose the
interface `CrossGraphics.IGraphics` that is the recipient of all drawing commands.
+You should now code your objects to be able to draw themselves by being passed and `IGraphics` object.
Drawing commands include:
* **Rectangles** using `FillRect` and `DrawRect`
@@ -27,15 +34,14 @@ Drawing commands include:
* **Text** using `DrawString` and the associated font functions
-In your platform-specific code
+### In your platform-specific code
Add a reference to the appropriate platform-specific implementation of `IGraphics`.
Create the appropriate graphics context and pass it to your objects that expect
an `IGraphics` object.
+## License
The code is copyright Frank A. Krueger and is released under the MIT license.
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