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Reading Lists of GUID #161

ssteiner opened this Issue · 1 comment

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My data objects use GUIDs as PKs. Due to the way linq select is implemented, I want to selectively extract just my PKs, so I run a low level query
List allUsers = conn.Query("SELECT FrameworkUserUid FROM [FrameworkUser]").ToList();
Unfortunately, that gets me the right number of entries, but they are all Guid.Empty.

So I figured I'd try the other way, create a dummy class
internal class DummyGuid
public Guid Identifier { get; set; }

and run it as follows
List guids = conn.Query("SELECT 'FrameworkUserUid' AS 'Identifier' FROM FrameworkUser");
Unfortunately, same story here.

the issue seems to stem from the TableMapping class - it creates a TableMapping for the single Column with Name = Identifier... and as the SQL read gets a column name of FrameworkUserUid, no match can be found which explains why all my objects have Identifer = Guid.Empty.

On top of that, if I name members in my dummy class the same as in the DB, when reading Identifier, it reads it as text and the contents is "FrameworkUserUid".. not the actual value. So Guid parsing fails.

So, it seems remapping as per the API description is broken and on top of that, the tablemapper cannot deal with basic types.


@ssteiner , have you found a solution?

I suppose a low-level method a la ExecuteScalar<T> for fetching a column of values could be useful.

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