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Fix build break caused by pull request #178 (breaks csharp-sqlite and sqlite-net-wp8). #183

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Pull request #178 defined an export in sqlite3.dll but not the corresponding wrapper method for csharp-sqlite and sqlite-net-wp8 users.


Please push this to praeclarum/sqlite-net because i'm having an error "EnableLoadExtension not found"

There's already an outstanding pull request for it.

favorite, prop, like and all that stuff


just ran into this - thanks Peter


Any progress on this? If this can be merged in, I can remove my fork of sqlite-net as the requirement to sqlite-net-wp8.


Why it has not been merged yet?


Merge it please, it's just few lines of code.

@praeclarum praeclarum merged commit e90a02d into praeclarum:master

Awesome, thanks!

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  1. +5 −0 src/SQLite.cs
5 src/SQLite.cs
@@ -3046,6 +3046,11 @@ public static byte[] ColumnByteArray(Sqlite3Statement stmt, int index)
return ColumnBlob(stmt, index);
+ public static Result EnableLoadExtension(Sqlite3DatabaseHandle db, int onoff)
+ {
+ return (Result)Sqlite3.sqlite3_enable_load_extension(db, onoff);
+ }
public enum ColType : int
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