Django app allowing for filtered exporting of model object data.
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Django Export

Django app allowing for filtered exporting of model object data.

django-export allows you to export model objects in a wide range of serialized formats (JSON, CSV, XML, YAML). Exports can be filtered and ordered on any of the particular model's fields.

django-export utilizes django-object-tools to hook into Django's admin interface and take care of user permissions.



  1. Install django-object-tools as described here.

  2. Install or add django-export to your Python path.

  3. Add export to your INSTALLED_APPS setting.

  4. Optionally for exporting in CSV you need to add export.serializers.csv_serializer to your SERIALIZATION_MODULES setting, i.e.:

        'csv': 'export.serializers.csv_serializer'


Once installed you should see an Export object tool enabled on all admin change list views.


If you don't see the tool make sure the logged in user has the appropriate export user permission assigned (or set user as superuser).

Clicking the Export tool link takes you to an export page on which you can specify format, ordering and filtering of the objects you want to export. The export is delivered as a download in whichever format you select.