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Django Richcomments

Django app extending the builtin comments framework for AJAX style commenting.

django-richcomments wraps the Django's comments frameworks existing render_comment_list and render_comment_form template tags to make them behave AJAXy.



  1. Install or add django-richcomments to your Python path.

  2. Configure Django's comments framework as described here.

  3. Add richcomments url include to your project's file:

    (r'^richcomments/', include('richcomments.urls')),
  4. Ensure django-richcomments static media is accessible, see managing static files.


django-richcomments simply wraps the existing render_comment_list and render_comment_form template tags to make them behave AJAXy. Thus when a comment is submitted it is done via Javascript and an existing comment list is update without a page reload. You would customize your comment listing and form HTML as per normal. From a code perspective commenting behaves exactly the same as it normally does, except that the form generated by the render_comment_form tag will be submitted via AJAX and comment lists generated by the render_comment_list will be updated via AJAX after such a submit.

For richcomments to be active on a page both the jQuery and jQuery form plugin Javascript libraries needs to be loaded. Both are included as part of django-richcomments static media and a shortcut template tag is provided for your convenience, i.e.:

{% load richcomments %}

{% richcomments_static %}

which renders the following (with a static path as configured in your settings):

<script type="text/javascript" src="/static/richcomments/includes/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/static/richcomments/includes/jquery.form.js"></script>

To recap here's a simple example illustrating how you can display a list of comments as well as a comment form for an object which will be submitted and updated via AJAX:

{% load comments richcomments %}

        {% richcomments_static %}
        {% render_comment_list for object %}
        {% render_comment_form for object %}