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Django app allowing for South management through Admin.
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Django South Admin

Django app allowing for South management through Admin.

django-south-admin allows you trigger South migrations and manage migration histories through Django's admin interface.

django-south-admin utilizes django-object-tools to hook into Django's admin interface and take care of user permissions.



  1. Install django-object-tools as described here.
  2. Install or add django-south-admin to your Python path.
  3. Add south_admin to your INSTALLED_APPS setting.


Once installed you should see a new South section on admin home. On the Migration histories listing view a new Migrate tool will be available allowing you to run South's migrate management command.

If you don't see the tool make sure the logged in user has the appropriate Can migrate migration historys user permission assigned (or set user as superuser).

Clicking the Migrate tool link will immediatly kick-off South's migrate management command and return its output.

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