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== 1.1 2009-10-10
* A new directory organization for the project files (brandon)
* The slides source now go in content/
* assets/ will now hold all support files used by the slide's html (javascript, css, etc)
* templates/ will hold the html template for the slides (see below)
* Support for multiple template languages (brandon)
* The slide content files now end with a template language extension (such as .textile or .markdown)
* New template handlers can be define in lib/codex/template_handler.rb
* metadata.yml now goes in config/ so it won't be parsed as a slide, due to the new template handler functionality (bernardo)
* Support for a master ERB layout for the .html files (brandon)
* The layout goes in templates/layout.erb
* You can now use "edge" codex by git cloning the codex source into vendor/codex, inside a codex project dir (brandon)
* Support for user defined post processors (bernardo)
* System wide post processors go in lib/codex/post_processors
* bin/postprocess_all.rb moved to a post processor
* The division of the slides by h1. now implemented in a post processor (brandon)
* Functionality defined in lib/codex/post_processor.rb
* Now using the Monaco fixed width font to display code (bernardo)
* Fixed a few other tiny show stopper bugs and makes everything ready for a new tested gem release (bernardo)
== 1.0.3 2008-05-22
* Support for user defined filters
* The functionality is in added file lib/codex/filters/filter.rb
* Included WebTeX filter
* Added ritex >= 0.1 as dependency
* Syntax highlighter is a filter now
* Syntax highlighter stuff from content.rb is now in lib/codex/filters/code_filter.rb
* Added some slides elaborating on this to the templates
== 1.0.2 2008-05-20
* Add rubigen 1.3.2 to dependency list as its used for codex generator
== 1.0.0 2008-05-19
* 1 major enhancement:
* Initial release