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Project Manifests

Project manifests live in modules/projects/manifests/$project.pp. A simple project manifest example:

class projects::trollin {
  include icu4c
  include phantomjs

  boxen::project { 'trollin':
    dotenv        => true,
    elasticsearch => true,
    mysql         => true,
    nginx         => true,
    redis         => true,
    ruby          => '1.9.3',
    source        => 'boxen/trollin'

With the above, as long as our app is configured to listen on a socket at "#{ENV['BOXEN_SOCKET_DIR']}"/trollin, you'll now be able to run its local server and visit to access the app in dev.

For further documentation on how to use the boxen::project type, take a look at the documentation in the source.