Simple Continuous Integration service for node.js projects
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Pragma Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration server for node.js projects

It is distributed system for continuous integration written in node.js using MongoDB. It consist of:

  • Build Service
  • Garbage collector service (collects tasks with timeout and temporary build directories)
  • API Service
  • Front-end web application written in AngularJS

Every component may be deployed in one or more instances and on different machines. Basically, it's similar to GitLab CI but written in node.js and has different Web UI.

Currently Pragma-CI has following features:

  • Git VCS support
  • GitHub support with WebHook URL trigger and "payload" (you can add a service hook in your GitHub repository)
  • npm support for dependency resolving and testing
  • Deployment to specified path with pre- and post-deployment scripts (only deploy to machine where build service was started but you can sync directories by some service anyway)


$ npm install pragma-ci
$ pragma-ci --help
Pragma Continuous Integration usage:
pragma-ci build-service  - run build service instance
pragma-ci api-service    - run API service instance
pragma-ci gc-service     - run garbage collector service
pragma-ci                - run one instance of each service
pragma-ci --help         - show this help

Pragma Dudes wish you live long and prosper.