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Front End Developer Skills Test
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  1. Follow the requirements as detailed below
  2. For each part, save your files in a separate folder (Part1, Part2, Part3)
  3. It is not required for you to finish all the parts. If you are more confident with HTML/CSS but not PHP, MySQL, and Javascript, you can just finish Part 1. In any case, Part 1 must always be completed.
  4. Compress your files (ZIP) and send it to


Part 1: HTML and CSS

  • Convert the attached mockup (mockup.jpg) into HTML and CSS
  • Make sure that the markup is responsive through mobile, tablets and desktop views.

Part 2: PHP and MySQL

  • Make the page functional in such a way that guestbook entries are being fetched from a database and displayed on the page when it loads
  • Make the form functional that when submitted, it will add entries to the guestbook, reload the page and display the newly added entry
  • Form should have basic validation rules implemented

Part 3: Javascript and AJAX

  • Modify the form submission where the form submits through AJAX and the entry will be displayed on the list without reloading the page


  • Clearly written code is a big plus
  • You can use any framework or technology that you are familiar with
  • There is no time limit. You can polish the application as you see fit before submitting
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