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Update the REAME. Remote the i18n from TODO.

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1 parent ff3a9b5 commit dc97e484f6f8280ddf230bdc3cd5d990423cb4b4 @poshboytl poshboytl committed Aug 7, 2012
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@@ -93,12 +93,11 @@ If you want the text looks like '3 hours from now', you might need change the 's
You can change the default configurations by passing the options to
timeago function when initialize timeago like:
- $().timeago({selector: 'span.timeago', attr: 'title', dir: 'down', suffix: 'from now'})
+ $('.timeago').timeago({selector: 'span.timeago', attr: 'title', dir: 'down', suffix: 'from now'})
-The i18n will be supported in the near future.
Will create a gem to better support Rails project.
Thanks very much if you could contribute.

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