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Welcome to CRUNCH an industrial streaming data analysis framework built by pragmatic minds GmbH.


When dealing with data streams from industrial applications, e.g., machines there are often times very similar questions and processing steps necessary. Think, e.g., of filtering or joining data from different sources. Futhermore, more complex tasks are differentiation of signals (to monitor changes) or even application of Fourrier transformation (or related wavelet transformation). These signals can then be analysed with regards to a set of built-in functions or custom functions. What all of the functions have in common is, that you always have the temporal context of a datapoint. Thus, it is easy to ask

When did this bit change from false to true?

or things like

When is the steepness of this signal larger than ... for more than ... seconds


Emit an event each time when the signal is above ...

What makes CRUNCH different from other Frameworks like Apache Flink, Apache Spark, Akka Streams, ...

There are many open source frameworks for stream processing. The main difference between them and CRUNCH is that CRUNCH is very focused about it's application in signal processing and related tasks and no general streaming framework. Futhermore, as this kind of analysis is often done on the edge CRUNCH is not very focused on scaling and fault tolerance in specific situations as this is not (that) relevant for edge devices.

Further Information

Please see on our homepage here:


To generate the Homepage, just call mvn clean site site:stage scm-publish:publish-scm.


Obviuously, this readme is still beeing populated and we are still setting up our infrastructure (after open sourcing CRUNCH). So if you have any questions please feel free to ask one of the commiters or write an email to Julian.