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-# demo
+# Demo 3 - simple chat
+In Demo 3 we implement simple "chatroom" using GET and POST
+requests (no ajax at this moment).
-For the second demo we included two libraries: hiccup and
+Chatroom message
-For easier request handling we also added ring-core and
-ring-devel. Both include definition of ring "middleware".
+[message.clj](src/demo/message.clj) implements simple storage to
+store chatroom messages between calls. At this moment we do not
+implement any complex database storage - we store all data
+in sorted maps.
+HTML rendering
-Hiccup is a library for HTML rendering from Clojure data
+[page.clj](src/demo/page.clj) renders basic main page and messages
+using Hiccup library we introduced in Demo 2.
-Is a DSL (Domain Specific Language) for writing routing
-information for Ring.
+We use Compojure to add more rules for routing in [core.clj](src/demo/core.clj).
+Most notable changs
+- We used `wrap-session` middleware to store message authors name in cookies.
+ See how we add a cookie into response in `room-route` POST handling function.
+- We use parameter destructuring to extract POST parameters in
+ `room-route` and in `room-validate`. It has same syntax as
+ specification of function parameters.
+- In `main-route` definition we use destructuring to extract chat room name
+(context "/room/:room" [] ...)
+Compojure rules store extracted part into request and later we use this parameter
+in `room-validate` and POST request.

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