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Described Demo 2.

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-# demo
+# Demo 2
-For the second demo we included two libraries: hiccup and
+In our second demo we added two libraries to help us with Clojure
+development web development
+* [Hiccup](
+* [Compojure](
-For easier request handling we also added ring-core and
-ring-devel. Both include definition of ring "middleware".
+See [project.clj](project.clj) for changes.
-Hiccup is a library for HTML rendering from Clojure data
+Hiccup library uses Clojure data types to express HTML structure.
+HTML tree is expressed using vectors and list. Vectors start
+with element keyword and are optionally followed with map
+of attributes.
+See [page.clj](src/demo/page.clj) for hello-world example.
-Is a DSL (Domain Specific Language) for writing routing
-information for Ring.
+Compojure defines DSL (domain specific language) for request routing.
+In [core.clj](src/demo/core.clj) we use it fullfil request GET /.
+More complex examples will follow in Demo 3.
+Function `jetty-handler` in [core.clj](src/demo/core.clj) shows how
+you can extend basic jetty functionallity using middleware. `jetty-handler`
+is now composed from four independent parts - our routing function (`main-route`),
+then two functions for processing arguments and development utility which
+wraps any exception and produces readable output both in browser and in RPEL.
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