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# Clojure & Web - simple Demo
The code in this repo was part of 'Clojure & Web' talk prepared by
-[Daniel Skarda]( See [Google Presentation]( for slides.
-The talk was presented on [Prague Lambda Meetup](
-on September 26th 2012.
+[Daniel Skarda]( The talk was presented on [Prague Lambda Meetup](
+on September 26th 2012. See [Google Presentation]( for slides.
The goal of the talk was to give an overview of Clojure libraries for
-* simple request handling (see (Demo 1)[demo/demo-1-jetty])
+* simple request handling (see (Demo 1)[clojure-web-demo/demo/demo-1-jetty])
* HTML generation using [Hiccup](
-* request routing using [Compojure]( (see (Demo 2)[demo-2-compojure] and (Demo 3)[demo-3-chat]).
+* request routing using [Compojure]( (see
+ [Demo 2](clojure-web-demo/demo/demo-2-compojure) and
+ [Demo 3](clojure-web-demo/demo/demo-3-chat)).
* using ClojureScript for browser specific tasks
* deploying on Heroku
-See demos in [demo/](demo/) directory and []( for description of last demo.
+See demos in [demo/](clojure-web-demo/demo/) directory for Demo 1-3 and [](clojure-web-demo/
+for description of last demo.

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