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Demo 3 - simple chat

In Demo 3 we implement simple "chatroom" using GET and POST requests (no ajax at this moment).

Chatroom message

message.clj implements simple storage to store chatroom messages between calls. At this moment we do not implement any complex database storage - we store all data in sorted maps.

HTML rendering

page.clj renders basic main page and messages using Hiccup library we introduced in Demo 2.


We use Compojure to add more rules for routing in core.clj. Most notable changs

  • We used wrap-session middleware to store message authors name in cookies. See how we add a cookie into response in room-route POST handling function.

  • We use parameter destructuring to extract POST parameters in room-route and in room-validate. It has same syntax as specification of function parameters.

  • In main-route definition we use destructuring to extract chat room name

(context "/room/:room" [] ...)

Compojure rules store extracted part into request and later we use this parameter in room-validate and POST request.