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Visual Alchemist

Table of Contents
  1. Mission Statement
  2. Project Details
  3. Feature Roadmap for v1.1
  4. Feature Roadmap for v2.0
  5. Screenshots
  6. Demo
  7. Installation
  8. Documentation
  9. Contribution
  10. Donation
  11. License
  12. Contribution Guidelines
  13. Stack



To create as a community, the best open source web-based database diagramming and automation tool.

Project Details

Feature Roadmap for v1.1

  • Create tables structures and relationships and represent them as elements on canvas.
  • Drag/Drop the elements on canvas.
  • Export the canvas as a json file.
  • Import the canvas from existing json file.
  • Export the database as python-sqlalchemy ORM code.
  • Export the database as raw sql code (mysql dialect).
  • (Pending) Export the database as raw sql code (postgresql dialect).
  • (Pending) Export the database as raw sql code (sqlite dialect).
  • (Pending) Export the database as PHP Doctrine ORM code.
  • (Pending) Export the database as Laravel Eloquent ORM code.
  • (Pending) Support for composite primary keys.
  • (Nice to have) A better looking logo for the tool.

Feature Roadmap for v2.0

  • Ability to change ordering of columns by drag-drop.
  • Ability to save the session for future use and database versioning.
  • Ability to share sessions through URL.
  • Multiple sessions in different tabs with ability to save them on backend.
  • Interfacing with backends like php/mysql/etc. for complete automation.
  • Charting/data-analysis features.
  • Export to diagram/image formats like PDF/PNG/etc.


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot


Visit to see a live demo of how this app works.


Visual Alchemist is a pure html app, so you can simply download the source and host it (with index.html as default).


Visual Alchemist is under active development, so there is no extensive documentation. However, a brief guide accompanies the app which should help most power users. If you don't understand anything, the best places to visit are the issue tracker and the VA subreddit.


I'm presently looking for people who can contribute to Visual Alchemist. Mainly in the areas of:

  1. Testing: Extensive alpha/beta testing, so our v1.1 can be a big hit.
  2. Code review: There is no such thing as bug-free code and more the number of eyeballs, the better it is.
  3. Logo Design: Though a new logo is not immediately necessary, it is still a nice to have, though.
  4. Documentation: Docs are very critical at this early of the project, and we don't have any apart from the basic guide accompnied by the app itself.




Visual Alchemist is free and open source, and it always will be. It is licensed under the GPLv3.

Contribution Guidelines

This is a GPLv3 project, so please make sure that contributed code complies accordingly. If it doesn't, then don't contribute.


Visual Alchemist is entirely composed of Open source stack:

  • jQuery - The most popular JavaScript library in vogue. A must-know for any web-developer.
  • Twitter Bootstrap - A popular CSS/JavaScript framework by Twitter Inc., again an "off-the-shelf" reusable component for backend & front-end developers alike.
  • jsPlumb - Useful JavaScript library for plugging-in "drag-drop" elements in your web-page.
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