An Experimental Full Stack Starter App
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This is an experimental, full stack, single-page starter app I'm trying to develop using:

  • Front-end

    • Backbone.js
    • Underscore.js
    • jquery
    • Twitter Bootstrap
    • fontawesome
    • Google Fonts
  • Back-end

    • Python (Flask Framework)
    • SQL Alchemy

This is freely licensed under MIT and you are free to share and use. Helpful contributions will be welcome, of course!

Running the app

Just download or git clone this repository and directly start serving with an http file server such as python's http.server module or PHP's built-in server (PHP -S <end-point>):

$ git clone .
$ python -m http.server
$ Serving HTTP on port 8000 ...

In order to simulate delays that usually happen in a live environment, you can also use the http-live-simulator tool I've written. This tool adds a 300-500 milliseconds delay to each requested resource to simulate a live hosted environment. This is very important for javascript applications as these delays cause a significant funcitional impact on event loop based asyncronous programming model.

Pending Tasks

* Organize index.html, link stylesheets, scripts, etc.
* Add navbar and footer.
* Create tables and data structures for user authentication
+ Create models
	+ User
	+ Setting
+ Create collections
	+ Users
+ Create routes
	+ index
	+ login
	+ register
	+ about
	+ longrunning (for testing)
	+ lorem (for testing)
	+ Ipsum (for testing)
+ Create views 
	+ LoginView
	+ RegisterView
	+ NavbarView
	+ HomeView
	+ AboutView
	+ TestView
+ Create helper functions
	* setFocus
	* authenticate
	* signout
	* waitForTemplate
	* loadTemplate (depreciated)
	* sleep
+ Create home dashboard.
+ Core modules:
	+ Login/Logout
	+ Profile page
	+ User management (only for admin roles)
	+ About Page
- Add Page change animation and other shiny things
- Configure "Experimental" in a variable instead of hard-coding it
- Online mode and backend database handling
- Check why indexeddb isn't working in private browsing mode

- Pending
+ Work in Progress
* Done