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Number guessing game to test your instinct power
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It is said that we humans possess something called instinct or hunch, a power to know about things which are manifest but beyond the reaches of our normal five sense organs yet.

pyinstinct is a command line number guessing game which tests just that - your instinct! It asks your computer to manifest (generate) a random number between 1 and 5, then asks you to guess it. Each hit earns you one point whereas a miss earns you zero points. Ten such guesses conclude a game and you'll get a score (such as 5/10).

The score depends on how good you are at guessing or hunching! Over the course of these games, your typical or average score will be computed and each game will be compared against that. There is also the case that your average score might improve over time! Do you think that like all human skills, the skill of instinct or intuition can also be improved by practice? Why not just play this game and find out!


pip install pyinstinct


pyinstinct usage

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