Console based google drive client for Linux
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Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Project Details
  3. Installation
  4. Usage
  5. Donate
  6. License


tuxdrive is a console based google drive client for Linux.


Project Details


As a pre-requisite, you should have python3 and google-api-python-client package installed using pip3:

sudo pip3 install google-api-python-client

After that, just download the latest binary(DEB) package and run the following command.

sudo dpkg -i tuxdrive.deb

An alternative/manual way of installing is to just download the tuxdrive python source file from master branch and copy it to a folder on your machine. But then, you'll have to register your own app by going to the Google API Console, enable Drive API, create credentials and copy the client_id.json to your /etc/tuxdrive folder. Only then the program will be able to work.


tuxdrive has a command line interface to the google drive interface similar to traditional unix tools like ftp and sftp (though not as extensive and comprehensive yet!).

Once you start tuxdrive program, it will give you a tux_drive> prompt from which you can run the above commands. When you run tuxdrive the first time, it will open up the browser window and ask for permissions to access your google drive on your behalf. After that, you can start running commands. You can list your drive files using ls or dir command for example:


Similarly, you can run push some_local_file.txt to upload it to your drive, or rcd my_drive_folder to change the remote drive. Here is the entire command list:

help (or ?): Shows this help facility. dir (or ls): Lists all files and folders on drive. !dir (or !ls): Lists all files and folders in current directory. get (or pull) : Pulls the named file/folder from drive to current working directory. put (or push) : Pushes the named file/folder from current working directory to drive. rm : Delete the named file/folder on remote path. pwd: Print working directory (remote/drive). cd: Change working directory (remote/drive). lpwd: Print working directory (local). lcd: Change working directory (local). mkdir: Create a directory on remote path. list permissions : Lists the permissions on specific file/directory. clear permissions : Clears permissions on specific file/directory. share : Shares the specific file/directory in remote drive publicly. share : Shares the specific file/directory in remote drive to specified email. exit: Exits this program. rdcache: Show remote directory mapping of id and folder paths. rfcache: Show remote files mapping of id and folder paths.


tuxdrive is under active development, so there is no extensive documentation. I'll keep updating the github wiki as and when I get time.




tuxdrive is free and open source, and it always will be. It is licensed under the MIT.