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Resource Allocator

This project aims to help with taking care of (rather expensive)
resources, for example several ephemeral virtual machines for the purposes
of your CI.


Server side allows you to:
  - automatically allocate resources
  - periodically check that the resources are working properly
  - and once the resource is not needed anymore, dispose it

The client side let's your users:
  - request particular resource type
  - wait till the resource is available
  - release the resource

Such allocation of resource might be time consuming, so to not let your
users wait too much -- the server side is able to pre-allocate several
instances in advance.  For more info, have a look at ./config/pools.yaml
configuration example.

Typical client use-cases

1. get the resource, and wait till it is ready

    $ ticket=$(resalloc ticket --tag x86_64 --tag jenkins_vm)
    $ output=$(resalloc ticket-wait $ticket)

2. get the resource, and periodically check till it is available

    $ ticket=$(resalloc ticket --tag x86_64 --tag jenkins_vm)
    $ while ! resalloc ticket-check $ticket; do true; done
    $ output=$(resalloc ticket-check $ticket)

Then, you can work with the resource:

    $ ip=$output
    $ ssh root@"$ip" -c "do something"
    $ resalloc ticket-close "$ticket"

The $output variable will contain important info from the 'cmd_new'
command run by resalloc server.  If you request VMs, you typically want
'cmd_new' command which outputs an IP of the allocated virtual machine.


The released versions are installable from Fedora and Fedora EPEL repositories,
just do

    $ sudo dnf install -y resalloc        # clients
    $ sudo dnf install -y resalloc-server # server

Pre-release RPMs are available in testing Copr repositories: