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GithubXamarin(GitIt) is a cross-platform application for which is built using Xamarin.
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Components Fixing startup delays and crashes in Android and UWP Mar 25, 2017
Design UI Designs for Android Jan 26, 2017
GithubXamarin.Core.UnitTests Added ability to edit, remove and add milestones and assignees on an … Apr 14, 2017
GithubXamarin.Core Closes #89 Jun 8, 2017
GithubXamarin.Droid Fixed App Not opening in case of Windows Hello not present on machine. Jun 8, 2017
GithubXamarin.Localization Fixed Unused References and Added Issue Data Service Jan 12, 2017
GithubXamarin.UWP.Background Added Starred Repositories in UWP Apr 2, 2017
GithubXamarin.UWP Closes #89 Jun 8, 2017
.gitattributes Added gitignore and gitattributes Nov 11, 2016
.gitignore Fixing gitignore Mar 24, 2017 Update Mar 9, 2017
GithubXamarin.sln Added Refresh Command to all views Feb 16, 2017
GithubXamarin.sln.DotSettings 🚨 Completely Re-Written the Windows UWP App Feb 5, 2017
LICENSE Create Mar 11, 2017
RELEASE_NOTES Fixes for Release Apr 16, 2017

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