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Purpose of this site ( for short) is a place where people can make "random" hookups to practice pair programming. We are still fleshing out the site and are looking for both functionality suggestions as well as development help to make the site the one stop shop for people looking to practice pair programming, regardless of age, expertise level, gender, nationality, or programming language.

The name - and the concept - is inspired by Chad Fowler's interpretation of the message conveyed by Aaron Patterson during his keynote at Mountain.rb conference


Functionality suggestions/Bugs

All functionality suggestions are being kept in a public facing Pivotal Tracker project. You can find it here:

When entering stories, please use as much detail as you can to describe the new functionality or the bug. Optimally you would use the Given...When...Then structure of Cucumber. If that just doesn't work for you then please use as much detail as you can, as if you were giving driving instructions to you best friend who had never been to your new house.

Development help

  1. Install RVM.
  2. Start a Tracker story to work on. If there isn't a Tracker story, then please create one following the above advice and start it. This will allow all to keep track of what people are working on and what needs to be accepted.
  3. Fork the repo and create a topic branch.
  4. Write a Cucumber feature/scenario and/or RSpec test. Functionality without tests are frowned upon.
  5. Watch it/them go red.
  6. Write code to make it go green.
  7. Refactor if you need to.
  8. Make sure you haven't broken any of the other tests.
  9. Commit your work...topic branches are a bonus.
  10. Submit a pull request.

Yes there is something I'm sure I've forgotten so feel free to make changes to this document.

Thanks in advance for helping out!

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