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### - A website to publish presentations with video and slides synchronized.
Copyright (C) 2012 Federico Fissore
This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program. If not, see <>.
"use strict"
http = require "http"
https = require "https"
xml2json = require "xml2json"
node_slideshare = require "slideshare"
utils = require "./utils"
_ = require "underscore"
url = require "url"
storage = null
slideshare = null
init = (s, slideshare_conf) ->
storage = s
slideshare = new node_slideshare slideshare_conf.api_key, slideshare_conf.shared_secret
safe_next = (next, err) ->
err = new Error(err) if !(err instanceof Error)
presentations = (req, res, next) ->
storage.from_user_to_presentations req.user, (err, presentations) ->
return safe_next(next, err) if err?
res.send presentations
has_slides = (presentation) ->
return false if !presentation.chapters?
for chapter in presentation.chapters
return true if chapter.slides?
presentation_save_published = (presentation, callback) ->
allowed_fields = [ "@class", "@type", "title", "speaker", "_type", "published", "id", "in", "out", "@version", "@rid" ]
utils.ensure_only_wanted_fields_in presentation, allowed_fields presentation, callback
presentation_save_everything = (user, presentation, callback) ->
allowed_map_of_fields =
presentation: [ "@class", "@type", "@version", "@rid", "in", "out", "id", "title", "time", "speaker", "_type", "published", "chapters" ]
chapter: [ "@class", "@type", "@version", "@rid", "in", "out", "duration", "_type", "_index", "video", "slides" ]
video: [ "url", "thumb", "_plugin_id" ]
slide: [ "@class", "@type", "@version", "@rid", "in", "out", "url", "title", "time", "_type", "public_url", "_plugin_id" ]
utils.visit_presentation presentation, utils.ensure_only_wanted_map_of_fields_in, allowed_map_of_fields
save = (obj, callback) ->
is_new = !obj["@rid"]?
cb = (err, obj) ->
return callback(err) if err?
obj.is_new = is_new
callback(undefined, obj, is_new)
if is_new
storage.create obj, cb
else obj, cb
link_all_new = (objs, node_to_link_to, storage_function, callback) ->
new_objs = _.filter objs, (obj) -> obj.is_new? and obj.is_new
return callback(undefined) if new_objs.length is 0
linked_objs = []
for obj in new_objs
storage_function obj, node_to_link_to, (err, link) ->
return callback(err) if err?
return callback(undefined) if linked_objs.length is new_objs.length
save_all_slides = (slides, callback) ->
return callback(undefined, []) if slides.length is 0
saved_slides = []
for slide in slides
slide["@class"] ?= "V"
slide["@type"] ?= "d"
slide._type ?= "slide"
save slide, (err, slide) ->
return callback(err) if err?
return callback(undefined, saved_slides) if saved_slides.length is slides.length
save_all_chapters = (chapters, callback) ->
return callback(undefined, []) if chapters.length is 0
saved_chapters = []
for chapter in chapters
chapter["@class"] ?= "V"
chapter["@type"] ?= "d"
chapter._type ?= "chapter"
save_all_slides chapter.slides, (err, slides) ->
return callback(err) if err?
delete chapter.slides
save chapter, (err, chapter) ->
return callback(err) if err?
link_all_new slides, chapter, storage.link_slide_to_chapter, (err) ->
return callback(err) if err?
return callback(undefined, saved_chapters) if saved_chapters.length is chapters.length
presentation["@class"] ?= "V"
presentation["@type"] ?= "d"
presentation._type ?= "presentation"
save_all_chapters presentation.chapters, (err, chapters) ->
return callback(err) if err?
delete presentation.chapters
save presentation, (err, presentation, was_new) ->
return callback(err) if err?
link_all_new chapters, presentation, storage.link_chapter_to_presentation, (err) ->
return callback(err) if err?
storage.link_user_to_presentation user, presentation, (err) ->
return callback(err) if err?
storage.load_entire_presentation_from_id, callback
presentation_save = (req, res, next) ->
presentation = req.body
callback = (err, new_presentation) ->
return safe_next(next, err) if err?
res.send new_presentation
if has_slides(presentation)
presentation_save_everything(req.user, presentation, callback)
presentation_save_published(presentation, callback)
presentation_load = (req, res, next) ->
storage.load_entire_presentation_from_id req.params.presentation, (err, presentation) ->
return safe_next(next, err) if err?
res.send presentation
slideshare_slides_of = (req, res, next) ->
request_params =
host: ""
path: "/#{req.params.doc_id}.xml"
request = http.request request_params, (response) ->
response.setEncoding "utf8"
xml = ""
response.on "data", (chunk) ->
xml = xml.concat(chunk)
response.on "end", () ->
res.contentType "application/json"
slides = JSON.parse(xml2json.toJson(xml))
for slide in slides.Show.Slide
slide.Src = slide.Src.replace("", "")
res.send slides
request.on "error", (e) ->
console.warn arguments
res.render {}
slideshare_url_to_doc_id = (req, res, next) ->
slideshare.getSlideshowByURL req.query.url, { detailed: 1 }, (xml) ->
res.contentType "application/json"
res.send xml2json.toJson(xml)
speaker_deck_data_id_regexp = /data-id="([0-9a-zA-Z]+)"/
speakerdeck_url_to_data_id = (req, res, next) ->
request_params =
host: ""
path: url.parse(req.query.url).pathname
request = https.request request_params, (response) ->
return res.send 500, "Unable to find data-id" if response.statusCode isnt 200
response.setEncoding "utf8"
html = ""
response.on "data", (chunk) ->
html = html.concat(chunk)
response.on "end", () ->
matches = html.match speaker_deck_data_id_regexp
return res.send 500, "Unable to find data-id" if !matches? or matches.length < 2
res.send { data_id: matches[1] }
request.on "error", (e) ->
console.warn arguments
res.render {}
delete_slide = (req, res, next) ->
storage.delete_slide req.params.node_id, (err) ->
return next(err) if err?
res.send 200
exports.init = init
exports.presentations = presentations
exports.presentation_save = presentation_save
exports.presentation_load = presentation_load
exports.slideshare_slides_of = slideshare_slides_of
exports.slideshare_url_to_doc_id = slideshare_url_to_doc_id
exports.speakerdeck_url_to_data_id = speakerdeck_url_to_data_id
exports.delete_slide = delete_slide